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Slivers of Light from Burn Bright: ‘Breakin’ in Two’

Every morning, Connor and I go on long walks around our neighborhood enjoying each other’s company. We talk about the band, our hopes and dreams, and sometimes we smoke a little and let ideas come to us.

‘Breakin’ in Two’ was written on one of these walks. We’d been discussing how much I love singing Norah Jones, and how cool it would be to write a song with a bit of jazzy flair. All of a sudden, Connor started saying the line “I want you, if you want me.” We mulled it over to the tempo of our steps, walked the remaining mile home, and wrote the entire song ad-libbing into a voice memo.

It may be one of the fastest songs we’ve ever written. I’m thankful for today’s recording technology (without which the melody and lyrics would have passed us by)!

Connor recently compared good, simple songwriting to hearing an idea materialize in thin air, almost like a far off radio station that cuts in and out. The station usually has constant static, but sometimes, if you’re in the right position, it comes through clearly.

‘Breakin’ in Two’ (along with almost every other song on our recent album ‘Burn Bright’) feels like we caught an idea as it was gently blowing by, handed to us through open hearts and open minds.

~{ Starting today, we’ll be sharing short blogs about the songs from Burn Bright, how and why they were written, and what they mean to us. We hope you enjoy them! } You can explore all of our content by visiting our diary page.

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