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Slivers of Light from Burn Bright: ‘Don’t You Worry’

In a fast paced world, there are days when stress and worry hang over our heads like a cloud.

Sometimes this cloud is vast and endless, and the weight of uncertainty causes us to lose focus. But remembering the light and love that surrounds us helps us worry less, and express gratitude more.

Connor and I wrote ‘Don’t You Worry’ at a turbulent time in our lives. It was written to comfort anyone who is feeling lost and wandering. It’s a positive affirmation that you’re not alone in the struggles you face, and a reminder that everything will be okay.

Connor wrote the initial verse and chord structure at 3am one night. We sat down right away to build the remaining melody and lyrics together. Getting ‘Don’t You Worry’ down on paper was the biggest rush of relief. It brought me comfort and peace for the first time in weeks, and still brings me comfort whenever I hear it.

We hope it brings the same to you in whatever you’re facing today.

~{ Slivers of Light are short blogs about the songs from Burn Bright, how and why they were written, and what they mean to us. } You can discover the Burn Bright album on Spotify, and read the blogs on our diary page.

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