Chloe & the Steel Strings

Who We Are

Chloe & the Steel Strings is an up & coming Americana band from Toledo, OH. Acoustically driven, the Steel Strings have spent the last five years crafting their unique sound of singer-songwriter Americana with a dash of psychedelic headspace. With weaving rhythms and gorgeous vocals, the band’s sound has been described as if “Joni Mitchell had a baby with the Flying Burrito Brothers.”

Chloe & the Steel Strings recently released their debut album, Burn Bright, in early 2022. The album was written and self-recorded in their home, and touches on topics of self-actualization, finding true purpose, and following your heart.


Alan Goldsmith – WAKT RADIO

“The band’s new record, Burn Bright, is one of the most stunning and
beautiful Americana rooted recordings to come out of the area in
years. Chloe’s voice is controlled and melodic and calls to mind a grainy, jazz and country-fueled mix of influences including Emmylou Harris, Margo Timmin, Norah Jones, and other vocal powerhouses.”

Americana Music Show

“Their sound seems somewhat pure country, but there is always a vaguely trippy element to the sound… a certain psychedelic color. Very enjoyable. Makes you think of a summer day hanging out in the back yard.”

Minkin’s Music

“All the occurrences in Chloe’s life she took as signs that the path to be a full-time singer/songwriter was presenting itself. My feelings are that she has chosen… wisely.”


“Chloe & the Steel Strings’ latest album ‘Burn Bright’ has a sound reminiscent of early Poco, Fairport Convention & the Grateful Dead: just trippy enough to be trippy, without being too psychedelic. It’s like Judy Collins, Joan Baez or Joni Mitchell had a baby with the Flying Burrito Brothers.”

Meet The Band

Chloe Wagenhauser

Chloe Wagenhauser

Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Born and raised in Toledo, Chloe has become a well-known name in the NW Ohio music scene. She began teaching herself guitar at 14, and used the instrument to channel her voice and songwriting.

Upon meeting Connor in 2016, she was encouraged to record some of her original songs. These recordings became her debut album, Chloe & the Steel Strings.

Chloe graduated from the University of Toledo in 2019 with a degree in Biology and Chemistry, and declined a seat at the University’s Medical School to continue pursuing music.

Anna Wagenhauser

Anna Wagenhauser

Keys & Harmonies

Anna’s passion for piano performance began in junior high. Upon entering high school, Anna and Chloe started playing school events, talent shows, and battle-of-the-bands.

While studying at the University of Toledo, Anna continued to accompany countless students in their casual and professional music pursuits.

“Marketing manager by day, musician by night” is how Anna likes to describe her days. She currently works for the Sales and Marketing company COACT as the head of the marketing department.

Anna graduated from the University of Toledo in 2019 with degrees in Economics and Psychology, and a minor in piano performance.

Connor Ward

Connor Ward

Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Hailing from the greater Cleveland area, Connor began studying upright bass at age 9. He performed in various orchestral settings from the 4th grade into college, and picked up bass guitar in early high school. He co-founded the psychedelic-blues band Spilled Milk with guitarist Eric Stuehr & drummer Cody Podsiadlo in 2013.

While attending the University of Toledo, Connor met Chloe through an open mic night. The two have been playing music together ever since.

Connor graduated from the University of Toledo in 2018 with a bachelors in Finance and Marketing, and went on to complete his MBA in 2020.

Eric STuehr

Eric STuehr

Lead Guitar

Eric has been living the rock and roll lifestyle since picking up the guitar at age 12. Over time, Eric began sitting in at local gigs with his guitar teacher and other seasoned musicians in the Cleveland area.

After an impromptu jam session with Connor and life-long friend Cody Podsiadlo, the three went on to form the band Spilled Milk in 2013. They spent their later years of high school in Eric’s parents’ basement, where they practiced almost every night (thanks Dennis and Bonnie)!

Eric graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2019 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and currently works at the Cleveland Clinic.

Cody Podsiadlo

Cody Podsiadlo


Cody picked up the drums for the first time in 2013 when he, Eric, and Connor began playing together in the psychedelic-blues band Spilled Milk. After countless jam sessions in the Stuehr’s basement to develop his skills, the band went on to perform extensively around the Cleveland rock scene.

Cody currently plays drums, hand & aux percussion. He graduated from Kent State University in 2019 with a degree in Business Administration and is a store manager for Menards.


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